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Book Haul for Sept So Far
Book Haul for Sept So Far

Okay, I have been dead in a really long while. This month has been hectic so far and I made through most of it without battle scars. I apologize for the lack of posts. OTL


I know I said I'd only buy three but... it multiplied after the string of events and I ended up with 20. Yep, those are 20 books right there, which is more than half the book pile I accumulated and required myself to read prior to buying another book. Let me try to get the stories on how I ended up with such a book pile.


1. Lourd de Vera - Insectissimo, poetry book bought during Aklatan

2. Aneka Rodriguez - Displaced, poetry book bought during Aklatan

* Aklatan was a Philippine Literature event I attended on September 7. I haven't read anything written by a Filipino writer/poet for quite a while (and here I am, an aspiring Filipino writer/poet) so I have decided to buy at least one to three books during the event to support my country's writers. I didn't stay long but I found the two poetry books interesting. (I also bought a children's book for my brother.) 
** Insectissimo caught me at the turntable while Displaced seemed familiar but I have no recollection of reading it.

*** Apparently, my sister has a copy of Displaced which I saw when I was attempting to make spine poetry.


3 - 5. Amulet 1 to 3 - Kazu Kibuishi, graphic novel won during the Harry Potter Anniversary Cover Launch

6 - 12. Harry Potter 1 - 7 - JK Rowling, new version won during the Harry Potter Anniversary Cover Launch

* I was there when the doors opened for MIBF on September 15 because of the book signing for Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson noel, and Margaret Stohl. The event started at around 10:30am so I decided to stick around.

** They were having games and giveaways via raffle/drawing lots. I was called to join their first game - a puzzle game. I finished my puzzle first (even with a missing piece). They gave me these books. I screamed for joy. God, thank You.
*** My brother said the Amulet series is nice. Haven't had the chance to read it yet.

13. Radiance - Alyson Noel, novel bought for the book signing during the MIBF

14. Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, novel bought for the book signing during the MIBF

* I bought these to have it signed.

** I bought three of my current books of Melissa de la Cruz and promised a friend to have her Alyson Noel book signed so I only bought two. 

*** I had a blast meeting the three writers. I was so giddy afterwards that...


15. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, novel bought on impulse as it was on sale (20% off)

16. Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List - David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, novel bought on impulse as it was on sale (20% off)

17. So B. It - Sarah Weeks, novel bought on impulse as it was on sale (20% off)

* ... I ended up buying more books. 

** These are from Fully Booked. They had a 20% off sale and a free bag to come along with it. These were only for P800. A bargain! 

*** Yes, still no John Green for me. :(


18. The Beach House - Jane Green, novel bought on impulse in Gaisano Butuan (curious about the story)

19. Reading Lolita in Tehran - Azar Nafisi, novel bought on impulse in Gaisano Butuan (wanted to read this at one point)

20. Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance - Lloyd Jones, novel bought on impulse in Gaisano Butuan (title is interesting and it's about dancing)

* I was roaming around while doing field work. I found that Gaisano doesn't have a National Bookstore but had a local magazine shop. The mall itself had a small selection of books and I thought these were awesome finds. (I also saw a John Grisham book but it is kinda pricey.)

** I ended up buying these after returning to buy a bag for my sister. They are honestly cheaper than back here in Manila. 


So far, I've started on the Lloyd Jones novel today and Insectissimo the other day. The latter gave me a headache while the former is tickling my curiosity. I better not hoard books on October. I MUST NOT HOARD.


October is my shelf cleaning month too. I might post photos of my books here.

The Third Filipino Reader Con on November 9!

I was looking around Twitter and saw one of the Filipino book blogs I follow (Meann from The Girl Who Read and Other Stories) post about the Filipino Reader Con. It's basically an event celebrating the Filipino Readers' Choice Awards. It is an awarding ceremony that gives the authors the right to put their seal (symbolizing that their book is the top pick) on their books. 




I find this really really cool. I didn't know there was something like these. I was not a fan of Filipino novels until I started in college. I've read a couple of novels since then and found personal faves... which I plan on writing about but life isn't cooperating right now.


So far, there's no location stated on the site but the 2012 Filipino Reader Con was held at the Filipinas Heritage Library. I'll keep everyone posted on this.


You can also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. :)

The 34th Manila International Book Fair

Mark your calendars! It's on September 11 to 15 and will be held at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. I might attend on the 15th so that I can go to the book signing and the anime convention (Best of Anime) while waiting. Yay, right?

Yay! I Won Another Giveaway!

Searching for Lincoln's Ghost - Barbara J. Dzikowski

I won Barbara Dzikowski's novel, Searching for Lincoln's Ghost here on BookLikes. (Yay!) I have yet to read the first ebook I won, though. 






I have been terribly busy at work and now, I'm still on my book buying ban. OTL

Readers of Philippine literature: here is your chance to buy the latest books and to meet the writers. By the way, there will be an auction and I will be auctioned off. I mean that the winner will get a free dinner with me. (Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me, but there it is!) 


Source: Isagani Cruz




Wow, this is a new book-related event in the Philippines! This is going to be held before the Manila International Book Fair too. Oh my gosh~


I'll see if I can go and cover the event! :)

Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Meet not one, not two but three New York Times bestselling authors! Join Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl for book signing events on September 13 at 6 pm in the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu, on September 14 at 4 pm in The Podium Atrium and on September 15 at 2 pm in the National Book Store booth at the Manila International Book Fair. This event is made possible in partnership with Raffles Makati, The Podium and Ayala Center Cebu.


Stay tuned for more details of the book signing events.


Source: National Book Store



OH MY GOSH. This is good news indeed! I'm going to try attending Sept 14 or 15. 8D


Book vs Movie: Memoirs of a Geisha 3

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

As mentioned in my previous post, I shall be talking about Satsu next. I am reading the Vintage Contemporaries version of Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.


Satsu Sakamoto is the older sister of Chiyo. She is said to be more passive given that her element is wood. Unlike Chiyo, Satsu is the less active and less beautiful girl. She was simply normal and obedient.


At the age of 15, she had a romantic relationship with a local boy named Sugi (starts at page 18). I'd like to say that it is a romantic relationship even if Chiyo didn't say that it was. He was rather "hands on" with Satsu. (I think I just made a pun which may be understood if your read pages 18 to 19.)


Satsu's life in Gion has been explained in both the book and the movie -- being sent to the red light district and working there as a prostitute. (Is this a spoiler? I'll mark this post as a spoiler nonetheless.) The book had more description on how is Satsu and other prostitutes are different from the geisha but the viewer can easily pick up the difference. How Chiyo is desperately looking for Satsu isn't as highlighted as much in the movie. (Then again, that whole part was chucked out of the movie. I'll talk about that in later posts.)


So, how did Satsu exit Chiyo's life? Just like in the movie, she ran away on her own. (A few chapters later, it was mentioned that Satsu has carefully planned to run away without Chiyo by consulting an almanac.) However, the book tells the readers what happened after she runs away. (Spoiler tag is up anyway.) She goes back to Yoroido and runs away with Sugi. Romantic, isn't it?


I have nothing much to say about Satsu. As far as page 280 goes, I haven't read anything about her or if there is news about her. I couldn't really say that she was selfish to not look for Chiyo -- not after what has happened to her overall. She had the harder life but I don't sympathize with her. Am I that heartless? Haha.


So far, there are a few more characters that aren't in the movie. I do understand that they have to make it fit and remove what is deemed unnecessary to the whole jist. We'll just see how this goes.


Still swimming in the pages,


Book vs Movie: Memoirs of a Geisha 2

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

This is the second Book vs Movie post by Breathing Pages (Anj) for Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (ISBN 0-679-78158-7), Vintage Contemporaries version. In the second post, I would like to talk about a character who apparently plays somewhat a big role in Chiyo's life: Mr. Tanaka Ichiro.


In the movie, Mr. Tanaka was barely shown. We can hear his voice in the first act. He speaks with Chiyo's and Satsu's father in Japanese and takes the girls away from their house. He is also in the railway scene, giving the girls in the care of Mr. Bekku.


But in the book, Mr. Tanaka has a deeper connection to Chiyo. She saw him as an easy way out in the life of a poor fisherman's daughter given that he is the owner of the Japan Coastal Seafood Corporation. He also helps Chiyo in small ways like giving Chinese herbs for her mother (p19) and letting her and Satsu say at his house with his own daughter (starts at p21).


His instrumentality in Chiyo and Satsu being sent to Kyoto has been given more description in the novel such as going to a woman, Mrs. Fidget who checked the girls' bodies (p24) but unlike in the movie, Chiyo and Satsu were told to see Mr. Tanaka in the village. The movie showed Chiyo and Satsu being taken away, as if it is done by force.


In my opinion, I think the movie showed us what happened in the first three chapters concisely, as if it's done in bullet points. I appreciated the details because the first chapters contained a lot of foreshadowing and had a lot of colorful details about Chiyo's and Satsu's life before Gion. 

I shall talk about Satsu next.


Still reading on, 


Not Making it to 5/5 for the First Time

I've been reading at least five books every month this year. It's one of those things that I was able to maintain in my life this year but I got too busy at work and ended up with 3/5 (or 4/5 if you count the ebook on juicing). I feel terrible but what's done is done so...


I DID NOT GO TO THE KEIRA CASS BOOK SIGNING. I am sad. I already missed the Ransom Riggs book signing earlier this year.


I am still going through Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha. I have found the points I want to talk about for Book vs Movie but yeah, work ate up my time. I'm going to try writing two points every week this August, promise! :) 


I'm also still going through Fierce Leaderships. Ah, I'm still at chapter 4 for that one.


As punishment for not going for 5/5, I'll be adding three books that I'm supposed to let go of into my to read list, namely:

1. Laurence Yep's Thief of Hearts

2. Lou Wakefield's Sleeping Partners

3. Stephen R. Covey's Principle-Centered Leadership


Yes, I won't be buying books this month but will still keep on reading. Yay! XD


Still reading like it's breathing,


Lucy of Fully Booked Turns 3, Sets Blind Dates with Books!

Fully Booked hosts a contest for all their fans on Twitter to celebrate the third birthday of their very own Lucy who has been helping fans with book inquiries and updates. (Happy birthday Lucy!) Besides the contest, Lucy's having a small birthday event in two Fully Booked branches (the Fort and Alabang Town Center). :D


The contest states that fans should tweet Lucy for book suggestions in order to win one of the 16 books which are covered and only differentiated by the number on their spine and short descriptions about the story. The contest will end on the 25th so many fans are tweeting away! Thanks, Lucy, for setting this up!


(For full details, please click the link above.)


The idea of blind book dates started in a book shop in the US. "Don't judge a book by its cover," it says. Honestly, I have always wanted to try going on a blind date with a book. I always find the most interesting books in the bargain section and I think this "blind date" idea is a more creative way of searching for new great books.

First Giveaway Win at BookLikes + Manila Book Exchange on FB

The Gifting - Anne Brooke

I just won an e-book of The Gifting by Anne Brooke. Yay for me~ I'm going to start reading it next month for sure.

I still haven't finished reading the last three books to lift my book buying ban. I've been so busy at work. I also want to update my Book vs Movie of Memoirs of a Geisha. I got the manuscript online but I haven't been able to read through it yet. :(

Anyway, someone FINALLY made a Facebook group for books! It's called Manila Book Exchange. I saw it on my wall (because I am a part of the group Philippine Book Lovers) and immediately joined this one.


I'm so excited to sell and trade books with people here in Manila. Some of my books really do need a new home. (And I did once say that I'll post it but here I am, still not posting. Haha. OTL)


That's all from me for now. 


Have a great week ahead!


- Anj

Book vs Movie: Memoirs of a Geisha 1

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

This is the first Book vs Movie post by Breathing Pages (Anj). Yay! I am currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (ISBN 0-679-78158-7). I have the Vintage Contemporaries version and not the movie tie-up version. 


On page 14 of this novel, Sayuri, the narrator, says, "All at once he caught sight of my gray eyes..." 


Sayuri, in the movie version, has light blue eyes. Whoa..?


*Note: Image is from Not mine.


Here's my two cents on the change in color. Her eyes are said be representative of her element, water. The color gray is associated more with metal rather than water. So, I think (no, it's not confirmed; it is my opinion) that they made it blue because blue is the color of water. 


When I first saw the movie, I honestly found it weird that she has blue eyes since she's Japanese. It looked so unnatural on Chiyo. I thought her mother must've been from a different country because her eyes were blue. She got everything from her father minus the eyes. (Hi Harry Potter!) Now that I read up until this part, I still don't know if the grayness of her eyes really matter in the novel so I can't really say that it would've been better if it were gray. 


What do you guys think? :)


Still reading on,


New Blog Post Type from Yours Truly - Book vs Movie!

I started reading Memoirs of a Geisha sometime last month but only continued reading today. I got this wait-a-minute moment and said that "Hey, that's not what was shown in the movie!" (Just so you know, I love the movie. I watch it every now and then. I don't get tired of it because of my love for Japan and its story.)


After that moment, I had an impulse to blog about it here in BookLikes. I thought that it would be nice to share what elements were different from the movie. Of course, there are books-turned-movies that had their plot lines rearranged and/or shortened into the two to three hour time frame for a movie. I would write about random differences like, how in the book, it started with the author talking to Sayuri in America while in the movie, it started with Satsu and Chiyo being sent away from Yoroido. 


Of course, I would filter out things that would spoil either the movie or the novel. I would only share random differences and my opinions (nope, not facts) about the difference. Oh boy, this ought to be fun! 


So I'm starting with Memoirs of a Geisha. If you wish to track down the progress, you may check the "Book vs Movie" page on my blog. It will redirect you to this link. :D 




BookLikes Added a Feature + Fully Booked - The Fort Sale!

This is cool, yo! BookLikes has a 2013 reading challenge counter now!


I posted 60 books because i aim to read five books per month due to my book buying ban. I had roughly forty books lying on my shelf in the past three years and now, I'm down to my last three. Say it with me. THREEEEE. 


If I keep up my current rate, the ban is going to be over this month and I'll be able to read more new books by next month, starting with the Keira Cass book signing event next month


SEGUE: Apparently, there's an earlier book signing event hosted by National Bookstore in their Glorietta branch at the end of the month. It's Marivi Soliven's The Mango Bride book signing event. I heard this book is rather interesting, very Filipino. 


I'll need to post the first 30-something books I read this year so that the counter's accurate. Hurrderp.


Anyway, I am very excited to buy books of my own right now. One of the major bookstores in the Philippines, Fully Booked, has a sale in their Fort branch moment. I am a self-acclaimed book hunter. (I like book sales and hunt down bargain books that seem interesting even with unknown writers. I also hunt down books belonging to all of the various series I read. I find interesting books that way.) I like digging through piles and hoarding books. 


The sad thing here is that the books I wanted to read were there and I. can't. buy. them. now. There was also the bargain books and I barely went through the other sets and only stayed in the pile where the design books are. I also spent a good amount of my thirty minute stay in front of the customer service counter. (As much as I wanted to look for the books myself, I had a time limit there.)


I am currently getting books for my sister's eighteenth birthday. Since she's not having a party, I thought of just fulfilling the 18 things she wants and around four points are books. I got her Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak volumes 8 to 12 (one point) and beauty books -- for fashion and facial structure (second point). I still have to get her Kokology 2 and the Hunger Games boxed set. (I also asked help from relatives to get these for her.)


I had fun looking at the design books. The two beauty books were great finds as both were marked down by 80%. I wish I had more time to look for more. I'm sure there are more buried underneath. 


I'll look forward to future sale events and book hunts. :D


Let's keep on reading, 

"Thing was, she didn't need rescuing. And she didn't want to need rescuing, either."
The Death Dealer - Heather Graham

The Death Dealer by Heather Graham, page 18

Win a signed copy of Looking for Alaska from National Bookstore!

National Bookstore is yet again releasing a copy of the book written and SIGNED by John Green through its Facebook page. Click on the link to see the Rafflecopter page and see how you can win this wonderful book!


Click on the link to find out more!

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