Lucy of Fully Booked Turns 3, Sets Blind Dates with Books!

Fully Booked hosts a contest for all their fans on Twitter to celebrate the third birthday of their very own Lucy who has been helping fans with book inquiries and updates. (Happy birthday Lucy!) Besides the contest, Lucy's having a small birthday event in two Fully Booked branches (the Fort and Alabang Town Center). :D


The contest states that fans should tweet Lucy for book suggestions in order to win one of the 16 books which are covered and only differentiated by the number on their spine and short descriptions about the story. The contest will end on the 25th so many fans are tweeting away! Thanks, Lucy, for setting this up!


(For full details, please click the link above.)


The idea of blind book dates started in a book shop in the US. "Don't judge a book by its cover," it says. Honestly, I have always wanted to try going on a blind date with a book. I always find the most interesting books in the bargain section and I think this "blind date" idea is a more creative way of searching for new great books.