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Hey guys! For easier navigation/filtering/whatnot, I put up tags on my posts. The tags include general tags (for universal searching) like the name of the author, the title of the book, the genre of the book, and what the post is about. I do not post the main essence of the post because I think the rest of the tags speak for itself.


There are also blog-specific tags to easily find what is mine and to go through the posts easier, as follows:

1. anjblogs - posts about me; personal schnitzels

2. anjreads - posts about the book

3. anjwrites - short stories, drabbles, poems, etc.; "works of art"

4. anjquotes - quotes I've shared

5. anjgoes - events in Manila

6. anjhauls - books I've bought 


That would be all for now~ - 05/17/2013

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