Not Making it to 5/5 for the First Time

I've been reading at least five books every month this year. It's one of those things that I was able to maintain in my life this year but I got too busy at work and ended up with 3/5 (or 4/5 if you count the ebook on juicing). I feel terrible but what's done is done so...


I DID NOT GO TO THE KEIRA CASS BOOK SIGNING. I am sad. I already missed the Ransom Riggs book signing earlier this year.


I am still going through Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha. I have found the points I want to talk about for Book vs Movie but yeah, work ate up my time. I'm going to try writing two points every week this August, promise! :) 


I'm also still going through Fierce Leaderships. Ah, I'm still at chapter 4 for that one.


As punishment for not going for 5/5, I'll be adding three books that I'm supposed to let go of into my to read list, namely:

1. Laurence Yep's Thief of Hearts

2. Lou Wakefield's Sleeping Partners

3. Stephen R. Covey's Principle-Centered Leadership


Yes, I won't be buying books this month but will still keep on reading. Yay! XD


Still reading like it's breathing,