The Third Filipino Reader Con on November 9!

I was looking around Twitter and saw one of the Filipino book blogs I follow (Meann from The Girl Who Read and Other Stories) post about the Filipino Reader Con. It's basically an event celebrating the Filipino Readers' Choice Awards. It is an awarding ceremony that gives the authors the right to put their seal (symbolizing that their book is the top pick) on their books. 




I find this really really cool. I didn't know there was something like these. I was not a fan of Filipino novels until I started in college. I've read a couple of novels since then and found personal faves... which I plan on writing about but life isn't cooperating right now.


So far, there's no location stated on the site but the 2012 Filipino Reader Con was held at the Filipinas Heritage Library. I'll keep everyone posted on this.


You can also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. :)