About "Geraldine" by Ian Mcdowell, [Spoiler-ish Rant. You Have Been Warned]

Love In Vein: Twenty Original Tales Of Vampiric Erotica - Poppy Z. Brite

I feel the need to talk about this particular short story from Poppy Z. Brite's Love in Vein. I am terribly disturbed by this story. This is the best story so far in the book. The best, I tell you. Powerful. Disturbing but very powerful and insightful in its own way.


This particular short story is about Chris, a bisexual woman who had many problems such as getting fired from a job that pays for everything, and being molested at a young age. She, then, meets Geraldine, a supernatural being. (She is somewhat similar to what Filipinos call an aswang or a mananaggal. I will not describe it further as it is a big part of the story.) Obviously, these two characters interacted intimately but that isn't the reason why I'm disturbed. 



The character, Geraldine, disturbs me. The idea of such a supernatural being really bothers me. (I know such things do not really exist but still...) I simply do not like the idea of conceiving just to feed. The character admitted to ruining happy marriages because she needs a variety of emotions -- not just anguish and pain but also of happiness and joy. I simply hated that.