First Post; Introductions are in Order!

First Impression of BookLikes: "Wow, it is the lovechild of Shelfari and Tumblr -- shelves and theme from Shelfari and blogging platform from Tumblr. This is an awesome lovechild!!"


I reached this site because of a tweet from Mr. Dawid Piaskowski, the CEO and co-founder of this site. I feel special. Whee~ :D


To start things off, my name is Angeli (Anj), 22 going on 23 this year. I like reading a wide variety of genres -- the fantasy novels in line with Harry Potter (no current fave besides Harry Potter, eyeing on the Wicked series by Nancy Holder because I have the third and fourth books), the slice-of-life young adult novels and book series (current fave is the Seven Deadly Sins series by Robin Wasserman), the classics (love Jane Austen to bits, Charles Dickens is my childhood fave), vampire novels (Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series has my soul while Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series has my heart, no Twilight), and of course, romance-drama novels (Nicholas Sparks is my ultimate favorite writer). I read mostly fiction but I read business books from time-to-time because I want to learn more and improve in management. (I currently hold a management position in a retail company in the fashion industry.) Those are the books that you can expect to read about in this blog.


I am currently on a book-buying ban because I have accumulated around thirty-five unread books in the past three years which is a bad thing. Books are not things to be kept unread! It's a waste if one buys it but does not read it. I know there's a Japanese term for that. TSUNDOKU. Haha.


In order to encourage myself to read what I have and not buy more books (because buying more books makes the pile higher and my wallet thinner) for the meantime, I gave myself these rules:

  1. 1. No buying of books until I read all of the books I accumulated in the past three years.
  2. 2. Read a minimum of five books per month.


It's already May and I'm proud to say that I have been true to those rules. I've been reading five books per month since January. I've already read 27 books and so far, it's been an awesome ride. I still have eight books to go, not counting the ones I've decided to let go. (I'm currently selling a few books in Ateneo Book Market -- hehe, I live in Manila. I'll post about the books I'm selling in a few.)


I'll do my best to post the first 26 books I read and comment on them. I also intend to post ALL of my favorite quotes so stay tuned. :D


Happy reading,